About me

I have been a keen amateur photographer for some years. Recently I took up digital and, with my background in computers, got great joy out of shooting RAW and doing my own post processing.

I enjoy bird watching from the perspective of photography; I'm not primarily a birder.

Living near Edinburgh, there are lots of opportunities for street scenes as well as the Festival in August.

I love living in Scotland and enjoy the wild life and scenery it provides in abundance.

I also love to travel as I am driven to take images that are bright and colourful. I also am drawn to the unusual!

My current project is low light flowers and this was brought about by necessity, as it is sometimes difficult to do photography during the long winter evenings.

So, I buy my wife flowers, which she loves, it makes the house nice, AND I have the props for my project - perfect!

I really would like feedback on the site, so please let my know what you think

Enjoy the images