Low Light Tutorial

More for myself than anything else, a very succinct tutorial outlining how I photograph my low light flowers....

I have recently produced a video (13 MBytes in size) here
on how I produced this image

1) - Stability, we will be shooting long exposures!!
* Tripod
2) - Timing, we need some set up time; hence timer set to 5 secs
* Timer 5 secs
3) - Exposure, need 30 seconds; we are in total darkness here!!
* Aperture f8 to f11 your call; shutter 30 secs
4) - Focus, need AF WITH lights ON and then MANUAL when lights OFF
* Use AF to focus with lights on then go to Manual and switch lights off
5) - White Balance, depending on torch used and colour of the subject you may need to set a cool WB (2500K)
* Check White Balance
Last) - Artistry, light painting with torch to taste
* Technique through Trial & Error (a.k.a. practice) ..lol

Once you get the hang of it this is what is possible

Or for more detailed instructions try reading here